What You Need to Learn about Family Leave


Whether you are sick, injured, or expecting it’s important that you know the basics of household abandon. The two most important statutes are the Oregon Family Leave Act (“OFLA”) and the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”). The OFLA is special to Oregon and is much similar to the FMLA, which is the national version. The following are answers to Frequently asked queries:

Can I eligible to get go away?

To be eligible under the FMLA that you must have worked 1-2 months and worked at least 1,250 hours to the company that you are requesting leave from.

To be eligible under the OFLA that you need to have functioned at 180 days for a mean of twenty five hours a week for your business that you are asking depart.

Just how much leave may I use?

1-2 weeks of departure.

What could I utilize ?

-My “serious Wellness condition”;

-My household member’s”serious Wellness condition”; and,


Besides this leave coated over, the OFLA also insures:

-child leave; also,

-Bereavement go away.

What is a”serious health condition”?

A”serious wellness condition” is an illness, injury, disability, or physical or emotional condition that requires inpatient care or continuing treatment by a health care supplier.

Do I have to supply my company with a note from the health care provider?

Yes, even your own employer can ask that you just provide an email from your own doctor.

Do I must choose the full time or will I use chunks of leave?

Under both the FMLA and also the OFLA you need to use LeaveIn chunks unless it’s parental render then off the time should be sequential.

Can my employer need to give me my job back?

Below both your employer must permit you to return to exactly the very same, or a equivalent, location.

How do I have to inform my employer earlier I want touse depart?

Generally, you must present your company 30 days’ notice if the leave is predictable. In the event the depart is a shock then you must let your company know whenever you can.

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